• AADHAR Card/PAN/Identity Proof/Address Proof Xerox of guardian and the patient.
  • 4 pairs of clothes for the patient.

Other activity

This includes referral services, supervision of medication, educating the families and members about illness, Organising support groups for families.

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Our Programme

The centre has a comprehensive programme desiged to help members. The focus is on development of social and practical skills to overcome their deficits in personal social and vocational functioning. The involvement of members in wider community through work allied activities is the prime concern of the centre.

The programme conducted by the professionally trained staff includes activity scheduling individual and group counselling, family counselling,yoga,planned recreation and vocational training. Anandvan Wellness Centre also helps in encouraging patient's indulgunce with family, providing cheerful environment and platforms for their individual skills and hobbies.

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  • 7.00am- Wake-Up call
  • 8.30am- Breakfast
  • 9.00am- Medicines
  • 9.30am- Prayers and Meditation
  • 10.00am- Brainstorming Session
  • 10.30am- Group Activity
  • 11.00am- Newspaper Reading
  • 11.15am- Public Speaking
  • 11.30am- Personal Counseling
  • 12.00pm- Lunch
  • 12.30pm- Medicines
  • 1.00pm- Leisure Time
  • 3.00pm- Tea Time
  • 3.15pm- Play Time
  • 5.00pm- Snacks
  • 5.30pm- Exercise
  • 6.00pm- Prayer
  • 6.30pm- Entertainment
  • 7.30pm- Dinner
  • 8.00pm- Medications
  • 9.00pm- Milk
  • 9.30pm- Rest